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Writer's Block: Raincheck!

If your best friend forgave his or her partner for cheating and lying, would you try to forgive him or her too? Would you find it difficult to spend time with them as a couple?

Been there, done that. No, I did not forgive him. Even now, long after they broke up for good, I don't trust him completely. Sure, I talk to him, but it's not much of a friendship. When they got back together, I did find it hard to hang with them. I would be with her a lot, and get updated on how they were from her. I couldn't help it, I just wanted to punch him in the face for the longest time. D:<

10 Missing Homework Excuses

Just a bellwork for English today...everyone loved it soooooooo, here you go! :D

1. You died. (If that doesn't get you off the hook, then your teacher has issues)
2. Hospitalized after they found you collapsed outside Chuck E. Cheese's
3. Dog chewed off your "writing hand" and the other is on strike
4. Kicked out of the country on overnight express
5. Court date for a variety of reasons
6. Kidnapped by rapid kittens
7. Got Amnesia when you went to smack someone with your bat, missed, and it swung around to your face
8. Pencils randomly burst into flames
9. The dinner that night came alive and attacked your family
10. A case of mistaken identity gets you shipped to Germany in a pet carrier

Writer's Block: Who's your BFF?

Who is your oldest friend (i.e., the friend you have known the longest)? How often do you see or talk to each other? Do your close friends tend to stay the same year after year or change over time?

Her name is Holly <3
I've known her since... first grade. We see each other almost everyday, with exceptions. They have changed over time, but Holly has always been there, close or not. And we plan to keep our futures entwined as best we can. That crazy lady is like my sister!

Writer's Block: The one that got away

Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate? Do you think you've met him or her? Do you ever worry that "the one" got away?

I do, actually. I believe in it from a religious point of view, though. (Have a problem with that?) I know there's someone, I just haven't met them yet. But hey, I'm only a junior (the joy of high school!). And no, I don't :)

Writer's Block: Come here often?

What's the best pick-up line you ever heard (or tried)? What's the worst? If you're instantly attracted to someone, will a stupid pick-up line dampen your interest?

Hmmmmmmmmm.... the best one (or rather, the one that makes me laugh every time) is:
Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

This worst would have to be:
You plus me equals one goooood time!

Ya, it should come as no surprise that I turned that guy down.
Really, though, whether or not I turn someone down for a pick up line depends on how they say it. If you say something that stupid like it is really going to work, then hell-to-the-no. But I do like humor, so if it is said to cause some laughs and start a hilarious conversation, I'm all yours.

Another entry? No way!

Just thought I'd post this! Eveytime I read it, it makes me smile and inspires me to write more.

This is a post from Wolf Web, on a thread called 'What I like about you' if the writer is looking right now, i want you to know that you made me soooooooooo happy!

"Ahhhhh, GW........
I must confess.
I have been watching you.
Yep. You are one of those gifted souls that comes along now and then, that truly interests me on this forum. You started out strong. And yes...... Are getting even meaner, better, stronger. And now I carefully follow your posts - though they are sadly, seldom, these days it seems......... :(

Why the interest?

Well, I must admit. I am an absolute 'sucker' for poetry - that is, well done. (Poetry=something I merely aspire to?).
This one you wrote made the hairs on my arms stand up, my heart beat a little faster and the pupils in those muddy eyes of mine, dilate a little larger......
She opened her mouth, letting out a beautiful voice that echoed around the area, as if the trees, earth, and sky itself were singing.

"Come all my children,
I'll take ye with me.
We'll have much fun together."

The sky grew dark. Not completely, but enough to notice.

"Come all my souls,
It's time to leave.
We'll travel much together."

The sun changed to a bloody red and the clouds turned a smoky color. The earth below was now a dark red...and the shadows seemed much bigger....

"Come all my children,
For I can't wait to see
Your beautiful faces traveling with me."
:shock: Daaaayyyyaaaammmmmmmm........ :shock:

It's beautiful!
If you wrote that? Then, you are a poet goddess indeed.
If not? Then, may your choices and literary sensitivity, exalt you over the lesser mortals as the MUSE you truly are! :)
Oh........... and the most single, telling 'indictment' of that particular post?
NO ONE previously posting in that thread could follow up with a suitable reply!
You crushed 'em.
Rocked their worlds.
And left 'em, high-and-dry.........
And most importantly?

Have made me a fan - for life! :)"

And just so you know, I did write it. (a loooong time ago!)


I'm sorry I haven't updated, but I am lazy.
Wholly (who is sitting next to me right now) says: Incredibly.

Shut your face, Wholly, and just keep playing rock band. I need backgroung Musik.
Before I go much further, I must say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE-KAT! I love you very much!

Ahem. Now to business.
I said I would post my summer adventures....but that ain't happening. That's right, feel bad. Kidding.
I wil post a few of my experiences, from the Friday before exams and into the summer....


GOOD GOSH MAN! I almost died! We (meaning Brandy, Holly, and I) decided that it was a good idea to ride in the truck bed on the way to drop Brandy (one of my many awesome friends) off at home after school. I do not regret the decision to ride, I regret the decision to wear a skirt that day. -head desk- It was fun though, I'm still laughing on the inside!
Then we went to Grand Pacific, and ate sushi/whatever else ;3
After watching TV and web videos/climbing Holly's tree, we went to eat pizza at her cousin's place (the same cousin that drove us). At like 11 something at night he drove us home, while we sat in the truck bed again x3
That night, at about 12, I smelt something funny. Holly went to check it out, screamed, and then I ran to save her from what I thought was a bug or something.
But no, that would be too easy... It was a stove fire. It seems someone passed out while cooking........but she got her brother
MONDAY:out and I put out the fire by randomly grabbing a bowl and using it to fling sink water. Oh ya, I'm a fire-lady 8D


After cleaning and napping on Saturday/Sunday, I went back to Holly's to hang for Memorial Day. We ate, had fun, called my buddy Philip while sitting in a tree.... all was good.


Exams, another ride in the truck bed, then tree climbing.


We got out 10:15, I got home at 4:40 something... 8D
I spent an hour after getting out of school talking with some buddies...then eight of us went to Grand Pacific to eat out (;
After that we went to the park...........at about 2 or 3... we went to TCBY where I saw my Lizzie! Then me, Brandy, and Holly rode in the truck bed again and I banged my elbow (but I still had fun!)

I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned so that I can go to Lizzie's tomorrow and stay with her through the weekend.

Hai hai :3

Well hellooooo everyone! I suppose I'll start by explaining why the fudge mushrooms I'm here, anyway. You see... I'm part of an organization that reads your posts, then tracks you, theeeeeen we throw you in a random mental institution all because of some crack-headed post you typed on a sugar rush! MWA HAHAHA!

Haha...ha....ha. Juuuuuuust kidding!

I joined for a well known reason, a friend. And if you're reading this, my dear Katie Kat, I really really really hope we have Graphic Communications together this year! It'll be sad without you!

I shall return to fill you all in on my previous summer adventures, after I get off my lazy butt. (:

Today at 5 mins and 6 seconds after 4 it will be 04:05:06: 07/08/09. This will never happen again in our lives, pass it on!